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Then somebody moves, and everything you thought you had is gone to shit/but we’ve got a lot, don’t you dare forget that.

cocktails on the mind (via pinterest)

Hello! What’s new? I’ve been quiet around here because I have things to share that I can’t share quite yet, so rather than be cryptic for a long stretch of time I figured I’d wait. Then it took a long time and I couldn’t wait anymore. So, hi! I’m scatterbrained today. It’s endearing, stop looking at me like that. I’ve been feeling a thrill of gratitude and happiness lately, not uncommon for me when the weather is more consistently warm. (The post title is a lyric from Margot & the Nuclear So and Sos, not meant to sound complain-y, but quite the opposite. Life is so good sometimes, it’s unbelievable.) See also: New England Noir was feature in another Etsy Treasury, it is sunny outside, and today is our second ever CSA pickup (hopefully there’s strawberries.)


Today we had the cat shaved; I’m picking her up in a bit. Only slightly embarrassing, and only for a day or two. For her, I mean. The humans think it’s hilarious. Later today we’re viewing a house across the bridge. It’s painted a bright green, somewhere between mint and lime, at the moment. Let me tell you, if it became our house… It wouldn’t be that way long.

Things around here are slow but good, I’m still pasty pale because for the last ohh, forever, my days off have been cloudy and rainy. Christine and I are trying to plan a beach trip soon, though I don’t envision that happening until the beginning of July, maybe later.  Don’t mistake me: pasty pale doesn’t change much, even with sun exposure. My emotional reaction to vitamin D is more what I’m going for.

See what I mean? I’ve been in nesting mode lately, wanting everything at home to be completely organized and impeccable. It allows me to focus on unimportant things rather than doing dishes. I can justify it by being all, “but I can’t put anything away unless the pantry is organized!” Patently untrue, but effective for procrastination purposes. We got a really cute vintage tablecloth at the flea market last weekend, the day *after* we had company for dinner. So, we’ll have to do it again, that’s all.

Tonight we’re having a big salad, using all the greenery we can from Many Hands, and on Sunday I’m trying a recipe I’ve thought about for quite awhile now: gratin dauphinoise as made by Bea of La Tartine Gourmande. I do love that blog! It’s my father-in-law Jon’s birthday, and we’re celebrating with family and food, as we normally do. :)

How are you? Give me updates.

Etsy two for Tuesday: 1920s-inspired accessories


    1.  Vintage diamond leather t-strap sandals from Marie’s Vintage.
    2. Cloche straw hat with beaded hatpin by Katarina Couture

For when you need a little Daisy Buchanan in your wardrobe. It can be fun to dress like a beautiful little fool, so long as you don’t let it seep too far into your subconscious. Happy Tuesday! (And happy 20th birthday to my baby brother! Love you, buddy. Thanks for letting me sit on your Harley.)

Etsy, updates, weekend adventures

Hello! Happy Friday, internets. I’ve been a busy bee this week– on Wednesday, the bungalow was transformed into a photo studio so I could take pictures of the new items listed on my Etsy shoppe! When we cleaned out the garage on Sunday, we found Adam’s tripod, which we’d forgotten we had– and I’ve claimed it for my nefarious Etsy purposes. Nefarious in the cute, functional vintage way, I mean. The way that satisfies all your hoarding tendencies. I’m just doing my part for cat ladies everywhere.

Here’s a sampling of some of the new items listed on Etsy this week– and some new pics of old items for good measure! Click the picture to view the actual listing.

Seed-and-seed-bead necklace, vintage

Feudal by 3M Bookshelf Games, circa 1969

Winter Earth pendant

And these two items are not new, just re-photographed. I’m really pleased with the results!

Vintage crystal cluster earrings circa 1950

My Lady aventurine pendant

Come sail away– vintage travel style from Etsy

Traveling to a (semi) foreign land reawakened the travel bug that has lain dormant after years of college and work and no time to jet off hither and thither. So, a year to the day after our blustery, beautiful wedding day, we hopped on a plane and flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico. In the airport, my husband and I waxed nostalgic about the era not so long ago when traveling by plane was so fabulous and exciting that passengers dressed in their Sunday best. In Boston, in 2010, there are more travelers in denim than Dior. So below are four vintage finds from Etsy that would lend a modern gal a bit of old time charm. Who knows, maybe you’ll be upgraded to first class for standing out in a sea of sweatpants!

  1. Vintage American Escort train case from Dirty Birdies Vintage. Good for use as a carry-on, the bright color of this piece makes it easily identifiable. Because it’s hard-backed, it won’t be bumped around too terribly in an overhead compartment, and the sunshine yellow color complements the lighter shades in the next item.
  2. 80s floral mini-dress from Hot Vintage. I love this dress for any time, but a plane trip in fall, in this dress, with that yellow train case? Hair down, maybe with a deep classic red lipstick? This look embodies the idea of “New England noir” for me. Mixed levels of retro-classic, a little tongue in cheek. Where are my Docksiders?
  3. Spanish moss pointelle cardigan from TharpStout. Airplanes are always climate controlled, but an understated cardigan (points for the pretty knit!) are absolutely necessary for comfortable airplane travel. I like this one for its earthy color to complement the brown dress and suitcase, as well as the fact that  it’s long enough to take off and use as a light blanket (and small enough to fold up and stash in a carry-on.)
  4. Upcycled Samsonite suitcase from Blue Bernice. How cute is this luggage? Samsonite is known for its toughness and durability, and the flock of birds stenciling? Unique, but not screaming, “STEAL ME, I HAVE LOVELY THINGS INSIDE.” (Does that even happen that often? The baggage carousel makes me anxious!)

**I know I haven’t really talked about our honeymoon to Puerto Rico yet– I always procrastinate on big posts like that because I want to take my time and do it justice. The short story is, “It was amazing,” but that doesn’t come close to doing it justice. I’ll do a real post on it soon– I’m thinking of saving it until there’s snow on the ground and I need to remember the sunshine!

Imaginary companions: dog cuteness @Etsy

It’s no secret that I want a dog. Some women crave babies. I crave puppies. Alas, our current place is too small for a doggie, even if the landlord changed her mind about it– but that doesn’t stop me from imagining someday soon when we have the space and time to dedicate to a small snuggly canine of our own.

Dog ownership is something that’s discussed at length around here. My lovely friend Sarah has two giant, lovable dummies named Eddie and King– the latter of whom is my secret dog-boyfriend. If he were a person, he’d look like Theo Huxtable. We’re best friends. But at 70-80 lbs, Kingy (however handsome) is just too big for us. We’re thinking we’d like to adopt a shelter puppy like the lovely Ivey, here, who we  located on PetFinder. She’ll be more like 40-50 lbs, and hopefully not so unintentionally destructive. King will sweep the coffee table clear if you’re not careful– his tail is like a whip!

And so, in celebration of our someday-dog, I’ve put together a collage of pretty things from Etsy to take care of basic puppy needs. (I’m secretly hoping my landlord reads this and takes pity on me, ahahaha.)

  1. Everyday leather slip-lead by The California Collar Company. A classic and durable piece. I like leashes that don’t have much give for walking around in town– you can give as much or as little lead as you like. Perhaps for a more mature dog, who won’t chew on something so lovely.
  2. Turquoise and daisy leather collar by Border Collars. Again, classically beautiful, and with a unique touch. I can’t say no to turquoise.
  3. Big tough dog bed by BowWow Beds. Easy to wash, durable, and customizable. There’s almost nothing more low-maintenance than canvas, and don’t you just love how comfy that pretty greyhound looks? I’m actually pretty jealous.
  4. Pretty paisley food mat by Shargatz. Although this isn’t strictly a necessity, having something easy to wipe under the food bowls makes life simpler. It’s much quicker to sponge off a mat than to mop, n’est-ce pas?

So, tell me: do you have a dog? What are your tips and essentials for newbies like us?

New England Noir’s first treasury feature!

Holy cows!

New England Noir Vintage was featured in an Etsy Treasury! Big thanks to lookonmytreasures for the nod. A handmade item, even! I’m totally flattered. Be sure the check out the entire treasury here! And don’t forget to take a gander at lookonmytreasures shop– I especially love the bird print!

Featured at Etsy: art nouveau bowl

July featured item

I love this bowl not only for the pattern, but the color combination. In our first apartments, pinks and reds played an important part in our decorating, but now we lean toward greens and blues. As much as I love it, this bowl doesn’t have a place in Casa Bungalow anymore. Maybe it suits your house better?

Mention you saw this blog post for a sweet surprise, if you decide to buy!

Absence & apologies

Hello, internet. I am hard at work on some exciting blogstuffs, which is partially to blame for having not posted in a while. :) For now, please be satisfied to know that several Awesome Things are coming– and to know that you can now “like” New England Noir on Facebook. I know, it was a feverish wait.

Coming tomorrow: July’s featured item from my Etsy shop, and next week regular posting should resume. Until then!

…I opened my eyes & walked out the door, & the clouds came tumbling down, & it’s bye-bye, goodbye, I tried.

It’s been a weird few weeks for me, and as such I’ve been listening to old playlist staples (Ben Folds Five, Elliott Smith) and perusing all sorts of loveliness. Isn’t it amazing how pretty things can make you smile? I’m such a girl. I love it. This collection is of nature-inspired silver (or white gold), because all clouds have a silver lining in the end. (Lather, rinse, repeat!)

  1. A Way of Life sterling silver ring with spinners and filigree, by Artisan Look. Rings with spinners, for me, are like worry beads–I seriously used to drive my mom crazy with the one she gave me in high school.
  2. Mod Twig Earrings by Modern Trinkets. The striking lines are what originally made me favorite these little pretties, but later I realized that they also remind me of my sister-in-law Audrey’s gorgeous paintings. Feminine and twee, these would give a fancy outfit something to balance out the seriousness.
  3. Three Little Birds necklace by Lulubug Jewelry. Too precious for words. I love birds, as evidenced by our blue and green bird-themed wedding, and this piece fits in so well with the theme I just had to bookmark it. After spending countless hours cutting out paper birds with some awesome ladies, I’d be content to wear this around my neck forever.
  4. White gold twig necklace by Lakeshore Creations. A parent of one of my students recently gave me a beautiful platinum-edition of Laurie Halse Anderson’s modern classic, Speak. The main character, Melinda, spends her academic year struggling with a heavy secret that threatens to silence her, until a frustrating art project (for which she must create an expressive tree in whatever medium she chooses) helps her to remember how to speak. Receiving that particular book as a gift was a timely wink from the Universe. This necklace reminded me of that, and reminded me that being a shrinking violet just isn’t my style.

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope your weekend is full of sunshine, coffee, and dusty old books.

(PS:  The post title is a line from Ben Folds’ song, Landed, off of the album Songs for Silverman. You should listen. Seriously.)

Summery things

These colors creep into my palette no matter what time of year, but nothing feels more summery than navy and white. Sailor suits, magnolia blossoms, blueberries, crisp linen fresh from the clothesline.

  1. ATOM silver and blue linen pillow cover by Be Still. I saw this shop for the first time over at Jess’s blog, Make-Under My Life. I like it because it looks like a caffeine molecule. It makes us smile.
  2. White porcelain lotus bowls from Sarah Anntiques. I can picture these full of crisp baby greens and slices of avocado, maybe garnished with violets or nasturtium. I would defy the norm and make fancy salad just because the bowls are pretty.
  3. Nesting scallop bowls by Element Clay Studio. These aren’t as functional as the others, but the perfect detailing just astounds me! These would look perfect with some floating Evening Air candles for an at-home dinner date.
  4. Vintage criss-cross cushions from Seesaw Vintage. I happen to think these would be just the right kind of clashing with the ones by Orla Kiely for Target that Adam and I picked up awhile back. Since I won’t splurge to match them, the others the join the table will have to be equally impressive, in their own ways. (Seesaw has a letterpress store, too!)

Summer days are upon us. I can’t believe 2010 is already halfway over! Adam is planning a secret getaway for us–I don’t know anything about it. He’s terribly sweet, and also very good at keeping surprises intact! It’s not for lack of vying for clues on my part, that’s for sure. Something fun to look forward to!