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Things I Covet: May 2010

things I covet: may

  1. Prismacolor colored pencil set. Sunshine makes me want to go outside and draw for hours and hours.
  2. Dove vase from Graham and Green UK. Birds and aqua ceramic in the same piece? Drool. (I’m quite predictable.)
  3. Brunette satchel from Anthropologie. I’m in the market for another purse, since my purchase from Paulina Carcach ended up being so disappointing. Do not recommend her at all.
  4. Who’s the Fairest? Mirror (also Anthro). I’m obsessed with mirrors as a rule (forthcoming post on how I rehabbed an ugly reproduction Federal into a modern conversation-starter!) but this piece from Anthro is particularly lovely. It would look perfect in my secretary! Especially since much of that stuff is moved around, being sold, or repurposed in our upcycled letterpress box. (I smell another post…!)
  5. Kenneth Jay Lane snake bangle. Bizarre and over the top. I saw one similar at Brimfield this year for significantly more money– circa 1930s rose-gold and Swarovski crystal. Amazing. I’ve been looking for a suitably inexpensive snake bangle online since.

What sorts of things are striking your spring fancy? I’m also really into heads and skulls at the moment. Pictures to come.

Coffee & Anthropologie

Let’s be honest for a moment, here. When we all graduated from college and got our big girl jobs, we were thinking: “Huzzah! Money! I can soon buy a house! And adopt a dog! And afford clothes from Anthropologie!”

So what does Anthropologie do? Launch a line that is even more beautiful and posh (and expensive) than the regular old catalogue items. Really, Anthropologie, you’re breaking my heart a bit. Here are a few favorites:

kerala suede blazer

The Kerala suede blazer makes me smile. I can’t help but think this would look absolutely stunning with my new Paulina Carcach bag over the shoulder, but alas, it has not yet arrived at my door. Look at the details! Strong shoulder, buttery suede (I know, I know, animal skin; I’m sorry but I just love it), slim arms, bronze grommet details, circular stitching at the waist (slimming ++),  lace up wrists… It could be too much, but it’s just enough. The attention to detail and quality is something we should all strive for in our wardrobes– it stops us from buying too much stuff from F21 that will fall apart after one wash.   It also makes my wallet weep at $398. Verdict: prohibitively expensive.

leaf canopy dress

Next comes the Leaf Canopy dress, which combines several of my favorite things: floral, graphic, navy blue, asymmetry, and a vintage cut. This one is more typically Anthro at $158, and wedding season is so totally coming up. The classic cut and combo of light/dark colors makes it perfect for day or evening, while still being juuust a little sexy. Again, could be too much, but is just right. Verdict: worth the investment. Bonus: it’s appropriate for work.

watercolor silk bouse

Lastly, the Watercolor silk blouse. It truly does look like a wash of lovely colors on a thick, handmade sheet of watercolor board. I love the slightly-ruffled cap sleeves, the dedicated diamond of pintucking on the bust, and the ethereal mix of cool/warm colors that melt together in a slightly-messy, lovely way. I generally go for things that are one thing or another: cool or warm palette, girly or edgy, modern or vintage, simple or super-detailed. I like that this collection can marry the basic with the over-the-top in a way that isn’t contrived or… over the top. (I’m not especially articulate this time of day, please excuse the utter lack of juicy adjectives).  Verdict: beautiful, dirty, rich.

Today we’re off to school, to see the kids’ science fair projects get judged, and then to the in-laws for birthday dinner & sweets. Tomorrow we’re visiting my parents on the South Shore for birthday brunch. What a lucky girl am I!

What are you up to these snowy days? Happy weekend!