Then somebody moves, and everything you thought you had is gone to shit/but we’ve got a lot, don’t you dare forget that.

cocktails on the mind (via pinterest)

Hello! What’s new? I’ve been quiet around here because I have things to share that I can’t share quite yet, so rather than be cryptic for a long stretch of time I figured I’d wait. Then it took a long time and I couldn’t wait anymore. So, hi! I’m scatterbrained today. It’s endearing, stop looking at me like that. I’ve been feeling a thrill of gratitude and happiness lately, not uncommon for me when the weather is more consistently warm. (The post title is a lyric from Margot & the Nuclear So and Sos, not meant to sound complain-y, but quite the opposite. Life is so good sometimes, it’s unbelievable.) See also: New England Noir was feature in another Etsy Treasury, it is sunny outside, and today is our second ever CSA pickup (hopefully there’s strawberries.)


Today we had the cat shaved; I’m picking her up in a bit. Only slightly embarrassing, and only for a day or two. For her, I mean. The humans think it’s hilarious. Later today we’re viewing a house across the bridge. It’s painted a bright green, somewhere between mint and lime, at the moment. Let me tell you, if it became our house… It wouldn’t be that way long.

Things around here are slow but good, I’m still pasty pale because for the last ohh, forever, my days off have been cloudy and rainy. Christine and I are trying to plan a beach trip soon, though I don’t envision that happening until the beginning of July, maybe later.  Don’t mistake me: pasty pale doesn’t change much, even with sun exposure. My emotional reaction to vitamin D is more what I’m going for.

See what I mean? I’ve been in nesting mode lately, wanting everything at home to be completely organized and impeccable. It allows me to focus on unimportant things rather than doing dishes. I can justify it by being all, “but I can’t put anything away unless the pantry is organized!” Patently untrue, but effective for procrastination purposes. We got a really cute vintage tablecloth at the flea market last weekend, the day *after* we had company for dinner. So, we’ll have to do it again, that’s all.

Tonight we’re having a big salad, using all the greenery we can from Many Hands, and on Sunday I’m trying a recipe I’ve thought about for quite awhile now: gratin dauphinoise as made by Bea of La Tartine Gourmande. I do love that blog! It’s my father-in-law Jon’s birthday, and we’re celebrating with family and food, as we normally do. :)

How are you? Give me updates.