The end of the world, part I

King (photo by Sarah Perrott Photography)

I don’t even know where to start. It’s been a crazy week or so since I last posted; when things get hectic I find it hard to be consistent. Plus, I am down a computer and a digital camera, so blogging is a little harder these days. So now it’s Sunday at 7 am, and I have sneaked downstairs to use Adam’s computer while he sleeps a bit. It was a 100+ hour work week for him again, but he doesn’t complain. I love him so much & I’m so proud of him.

It’s also been a sad week, because my dog boyfriend, King, was hit by a car and killed on Bay Road here in Amherst. I try to keep it light on the blog, but you guys. I am so sad. He was the nicest, dumbest, most lovable pup I know– wild to the bone and unafraid of any kind of adventure. (Except the life-sized cardboard Han Solo cutout Sare has at her house. He hated that thing.) I remember going with Sare and the dogs to her aunt’s riverside property, and how we marveled over how strong he was, pushing himself (most comically, I assure you) almost all the way out of the water with every stroke as he swam. Michael Phelps’ breaststroke had nothing on Kingy’s. I used to crack up, because he’d do things he wasn’t supposed to (like eat tomatoes straight off the vine, or bring home partially decomposed woodland creatures for his humans) and look so effing pleased with himself you couldn’t be upset.


Kingy both loved, and was entirely puzzled by, the garden sprinkler. Photo by Sarah.

I can’t imagine how Sarah’s feeling right now. If I couldn’t sleep over it, I don’t imagine she can either. Nothing can make something this sad feel better but time. I’ve got Radar with me on the couch; there will definitely be much cat-appreciation of him and his sister Dixie today and in the future. You just never know.


  • JDub

    what a cutie he was! makes me think of marley. big lug of a dog! lovable to a fault, and so damned cute you can never be mad at him, ever.