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I write like… H.P. Lovecraft

I write like
H. P. Lovecraft

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Featured at Etsy: art nouveau bowl

July featured item

I love this bowl not only for the pattern, but the color combination. In our first apartments, pinks and reds played an important part in our decorating, but now we lean toward greens and blues. As much as I love it, this bowl doesn’t have a place in Casa Bungalow anymore. Maybe it suits your house better?

Mention you saw this blog post for a sweet surprise, if you decide to buy!

Absence & apologies

Hello, internet. I am hard at work on some exciting blogstuffs, which is partially to blame for having not posted in a while. :) For now, please be satisfied to know that several Awesome Things are coming– and to know that you can now “like” New England Noir on Facebook. I know, it was a feverish wait.

Coming tomorrow: July’s featured item from my Etsy shop, and next week regular posting should resume. Until then!