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Summertime, and hard at work

This is my desktop right now: word documents, a chat window, and words words words. You can’t see them though. If you ask nice, I’ll post a snippet.

Would you please just LOOK at Hanson?

There’s really not much to say other than this. My 7th grade self is totally going I TOLD YOU SO, THEY ARE AWESOME, since they recently canceled a show due to a riot and are clearly still adorable. MMMen!

Please don’t worry!

Hi everyone, I am just letting you all know that I am FINE, not in England, and certainly not in need of emergency fundage. There was no mugging, no gunpoint, no hotel, no trip to Europe. :)

Please delete the email that was sent to you. My private email (the one which was hacked) is now safe again, so don’t worry about emailing me there. I have changed all my passwords and temporarily deactivated my Facebook account– I didn’t unfriend you, just taking precautions. I had access to Facebook for about 5 minutes this morning and posted an I AM FINE status message, but it appears that the hacker was on my account the same time as I was and changed the password on me. So, when this gets resolved, my Facebook will be back.

In the meantime, please send me an email with your contact info, as this hacker jerk deleted my address book. <3


This girl is amazing.

Tina & Jared, 6/12/10 by Steph Stevens

Another gorgeous wedding shot by Steph Stevens. I’ve known Tina (the bride) since middle school (!!) and this shot is so THEM it’s almost unbelievable. Congratulations to Tina and Jared, and to Steph for another gorgeous photo spread.

(See a smattering of Steph’s shots of our wedding on 9/12/09 here, and our engagement party here. Full wedding photos here.)

Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.


Recognizing that I am not the only fanatic Audrey Hepburn fan that frequents this blog, I will repost this amazing news, which I read about over at The English Muse.

The flow of Wasson’s words carries the reader from pre-production to on-set feuds and conflicts, while also noting Hepburn’s impact on fashion (Givenchy’s little black dress), Hollywood glamour, sexual politics, and the new morality. Always stingy with praise, Capote dismissed the finished film as a mawkish valentine to New York City, but one feels he would have been entranced by Wasson’s prismatic approach as he walks a perilous path between the analytic interpretation and the imaginative one. The result deserves Capote’s nonfiction novel label. Recapturing an era, this evocative factual re-creation reads like carefully crafted fiction. (Publisher’s Weekly)

Who wants to make a bookstore run?

…I opened my eyes & walked out the door, & the clouds came tumbling down, & it’s bye-bye, goodbye, I tried.

It’s been a weird few weeks for me, and as such I’ve been listening to old playlist staples (Ben Folds Five, Elliott Smith) and perusing all sorts of loveliness. Isn’t it amazing how pretty things can make you smile? I’m such a girl. I love it. This collection is of nature-inspired silver (or white gold), because all clouds have a silver lining in the end. (Lather, rinse, repeat!)

  1. A Way of Life sterling silver ring with spinners and filigree, by Artisan Look. Rings with spinners, for me, are like worry beads–I seriously used to drive my mom crazy with the one she gave me in high school.
  2. Mod Twig Earrings by Modern Trinkets. The striking lines are what originally made me favorite these little pretties, but later I realized that they also remind me of my sister-in-law Audrey’s gorgeous paintings. Feminine and twee, these would give a fancy outfit something to balance out the seriousness.
  3. Three Little Birds necklace by Lulubug Jewelry. Too precious for words. I love birds, as evidenced by our blue and green bird-themed wedding, and this piece fits in so well with the theme I just had to bookmark it. After spending countless hours cutting out paper birds with some awesome ladies, I’d be content to wear this around my neck forever.
  4. White gold twig necklace by Lakeshore Creations. A parent of one of my students recently gave me a beautiful platinum-edition of Laurie Halse Anderson’s modern classic, Speak. The main character, Melinda, spends her academic year struggling with a heavy secret that threatens to silence her, until a frustrating art project (for which she must create an expressive tree in whatever medium she chooses) helps her to remember how to speak. Receiving that particular book as a gift was a timely wink from the Universe. This necklace reminded me of that, and reminded me that being a shrinking violet just isn’t my style.

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope your weekend is full of sunshine, coffee, and dusty old books.

(PS:  The post title is a line from Ben Folds’ song, Landed, off of the album Songs for Silverman. You should listen. Seriously.)

Summery things

These colors creep into my palette no matter what time of year, but nothing feels more summery than navy and white. Sailor suits, magnolia blossoms, blueberries, crisp linen fresh from the clothesline.

  1. ATOM silver and blue linen pillow cover by Be Still. I saw this shop for the first time over at Jess’s blog, Make-Under My Life. I like it because it looks like a caffeine molecule. It makes us smile.
  2. White porcelain lotus bowls from Sarah Anntiques. I can picture these full of crisp baby greens and slices of avocado, maybe garnished with violets or nasturtium. I would defy the norm and make fancy salad just because the bowls are pretty.
  3. Nesting scallop bowls by Element Clay Studio. These aren’t as functional as the others, but the perfect detailing just astounds me! These would look perfect with some floating Evening Air candles for an at-home dinner date.
  4. Vintage criss-cross cushions from Seesaw Vintage. I happen to think these would be just the right kind of clashing with the ones by Orla Kiely for Target that Adam and I picked up awhile back. Since I won’t splurge to match them, the others the join the table will have to be equally impressive, in their own ways. (Seesaw has a letterpress store, too!)

Summer days are upon us. I can’t believe 2010 is already halfway over! Adam is planning a secret getaway for us–I don’t know anything about it. He’s terribly sweet, and also very good at keeping surprises intact! It’s not for lack of vying for clues on my part, that’s for sure. Something fun to look forward to!

Ch-ch-ch-changes (turn, and face the strain)

Changes are brewing in Western Massachusetts.

Here is where I could talk about considering a career change, how I was unceremoniously let go from my current job (politics and promises, two things a girl should know by now will leave her hanging), friendships dangling, new adventures with old friends… But instead, I’ll talk about the physical, substantial, things-you-can-see changes to this site. Because, in the end, it’s these changes, the ones I solicit and endorse, that interact and intermingle, that chew forth from under my skin, which end up being the most substantial and comprehensible. Most everything I see and hear never makes it onto this tiny corner of the internet. Here are some things to publicly rejoice  (and privately back-pat) over.

First, please look left. Yes, that is a link to my very own Etsy store. When school ends in a few days, I’ll have nothing beyond vintage goodies, blogging, and unemployment checks to look forward to. There will be much, much vintage. And hopefully not very many unemployment checks.

Next, feast your eyes to the right, where you will notice I am a JessLC Ambassador. Jess is another twenty-something with a big dream– she designs her own jewelry line (sound familiar?) and runs her blog Make-Under My Life, to supplement the line, as well as share her minimalist, self-aware life philosophy. I admit, by participating as an ambassador, I do receive a JessLC discount– however, if you read through her site and blog, I think you’ll agree: she’s a kindred spirit indeed.

So, there is much mischief about. I’m looking forward to a new chapter, a new start, and a clean slate. Happy summer!