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miss pinga via flickr

miss pinga via flickr

This is why I love this girl:

me: we grew up in such a weird era. i wish my parents had gotten the internet sooner
K: I’m glad mine didn’t.let me have an actual life
K: and read actual books
me:i still read books, but i did weird i-think-i-am-cool things like buy poetry by kathleen hanna
K: hey, we were awesome for our age. totally rockin
me: yeah, pretty much
K: kids these days, they have hot topic
K: we had to be weird from scratch


photo by Stephanie Stevens

photo by Stephanie Stevens

Our engagement photos come in tomorrow… I’m so excited! We have all the photo booth ones, but what we’re really looking forward to is seeing Steph’s perspective– check out her website, you’ll see why. She manages to capture moments that might get missed, and she’s so willing to just go with the flow that more of those moments present themselves to be captured! (Can you tell I think she’s awesome?)

I’ll post more as they come into my possession, but for now check out my photostream.

New obsession: eggs in a basket

destiny_broadway via flickr

destiny_broadway via flickr

A has been working late a lot this week, and so I’ve taken to making a slightly-healthier version of my favorite bacon, egg & cheddar on a bagel sandwich– eggs in a basket. It’s super-easy, and way fewer calories/carbs than its heftier cousin, while still being delicious & kicking the breakfast food craving. Also, A doesn’t eat eggs, so it’s rather a treat. :)

A new week, a new list of things to do. :)

anna fewster via flickr

anna fewster via flickr

Another week has begun, after another crazy, busy, productive weekend. This week promises to be just as hectic as the last few, and I’m starting to really, truly look forward to starting my new job.

Mostly, though, I’m happy to be un-stressed and feeling very present in the whole wedding planning process. A few of my friends are also planning the big day at the moment, and we are very lucky to have the measure of enthusiasm and help from the whole family as we do.

I’ve been thinking a lot about going back to school lately. I want to, very much, but I think that kind of financial commitment is a bit outside the margin of what we can handle at the moment. Library school, you’ll just have to wait.

Starred 7.24.09


Happy Friday! It’s been a lovely week at the Bungalow, and it’s looking like it’s going to be an equally lovely weekend as well! We’re tasting cakes on Saturday evening, and on Sunday, the ladies are crafting again. We’ll make more paper birds, finish the name banner, and discuss the logistics of how the garland will be made/where in the yard it will drape. There will be pictures, I’m sure!

And now, here are the things that made me smile this week, from all across the internet:

via the dirty prettys

via the dirty prettys

  • When I came across Death to Cupcakes by Sarah DiGregorio (via Just a Girl in the City), I was, like Kelly, taken by surprise at the amount of animosity for the very existence of cupcakes! A & I were kind of planning on them for the wedding, and I just think they’re so cute and whimsical and fun– although I guess I understand the dislike of ubiquitous, kitchy boutique bakeries. I dunno though. Hating cupcakes is like hating kittens, it makes me judge you funny. :)
  • Things I Like About Coffee, via Le Love:
via le love

via le love

(& things I like about…)

  • The lovely Dita Von Teese in Jean Paul Gaultier. We’re all over him, this season, too. But Dita is just flawless:
via haute macabre

via haute macabre

  • I love sweaty cans of coke in summer. Via Just a Girl in the City:

via just a girl in the city

“Candy took a long sip, and watched the soda slip up and around the bend in the straw. It seemed to take a long time to reach her tongue, but as soon as the fizzy, cinnamony sweetness swept in, her eyes widened as childhood flashed before her eyes. ‘I don’t know how people can drink Diet Coke,’ she quipped, and began jumping on the bed in the manner of a well-dressed, pink-cheeked third grader.”

  • These dark, haunting watercolors by Nat Carroll have the opposite feel of the Happy Coke Drinker, but I love them anyway.

    via nova style

    via nova style

  • This article from MakeUnder Your Life. I thought it was a pretty good synthesis of all that stuff your mother tries to teach you, but that you don’t really believe until much later when it has proved itself true for he millionth time. Plus, the article is filled with gorgeous photography & positivism! Just the right medicine for a busy couple of days.What adventures are on your horizons this weekend??

Calendar updates, now with more Andy Warhol

ana via flickr

ana via flickr

The calendar has been updated to reflect some neat stuff going on around here. I personally am looking forward to Poetry on the Green, which is next week in Westfield. I’ve been looking for an excuse to go see Lori Desrochiers read, and this time it’s outdoors! Perfect.

The eyes have it.

beverleybuttercup via flickr

beverleybuttercup via flickr

I don’t know where I’d ever wear a tree drawn on my face, but this photo makes me wish I did. (via)

Things I Love Thursday

via design*sponge

via design*sponge

Hardcover books with that library smell

worn in and taped up and beaten to hell,

the sunshine, the dew-grass

the stolen airplane blanket;

the sun keeping my coffee

warm while I drank it;

this black sharpie pen,

this huge unlined tome,

the backyard in summer

at my very own home.

It’s Thursday, I hope you take nothing at all seriously and play in the sunshine all day long!

Literary ladies #9: Ella Turner


Literary Ladies is my series where I nerd out for a bit & imagine my favorite literary heroines into the modern world. Email me your suggestions or leave a comment below!

In Tracy Chevalier’s novel The Virgin Blue, the main character, midwife Ella Turner, moves to France with her husband, which sparks the beginning of a journey that she can barely bring herself to believe. Her dreams are arrested by scenes from the life of a Catholic midwife from the 16th century, and as Ella learns more about her French lineage, it becomes clear that fateful forces have drawn her to her family’s ancestral home. Because Ella & Isabella both play active roles, the actress in the lead would have to be versatile enough to play both parts, and speak convincing French. That’s why I chose the beautiful French actress Marion Cotillard for my imaginary film:

via ask

via ask

Like Isabella, Ella and her husband are experiencing marital troubles– Ella spends her days studying French and preparing to become licensed as a midwife in a new country, while her husband’s increasing absence due to work makes it hard for them to communicate meaningfully. Isabella’s husband is abusive and manipulative, taking no care with her well-being or happiness. Meanwhile, Ella finds it hard to connect with locals and neighbors, despite her efforts at learning French and being friendly. Isabella is also a midwife, and furthermore, she is also a former Catholic, whose family converted to Calvinism with the Huguenots’ crusades. She still prays to the Virgin Mary, or La Rousse (a nickname suggestive of her red, red hair), which causes problems within her family and her community, who come to view her as something of a witch. As problems for Isabella increase in Ella’s dreams, Ella connects with a librarian who specializes in local history. As their friendship intensifies, Ella becomes aware that the coincidences between her own story and Isabella’s cannot be coincidence alone.

Ella Turner

For Ella Turner, simple and stylish pieces should be mixed together for the ultimate sense of luxury and good taste. Her style would mesh the classic (khaki shorts, strappy sandals, stacks of bangles and pearls) with the funky (drape-y, near-neon tops; sparkly, ruffly dresses paired with popping blue platforms for nights out dancing). Ella and her husband are financially well-off, and her wardrobe in film format would reflect that. After all, she is able to stay at home, study French and take midwifery classes to update her certification– the luxury of freedom suggests at least moderate wealth. She would choose a bag that both surprises and compliments several of her favorite outfits– just because she’s wealthy doesn’t mean she would be wastefully so. Her base would be neutral, but a flash of color helps her to stand out as an individual in a sea of unfriendly faces. Ella would love classic headbands, pink lips, and understated beauty. Film-Ella would have flawless porcelain skin and hair that changes throughout the film– in the novel, Ella’s hair lightens over time from dark and brown to a fiery auburn, symbolizing the interconnection between her life and the life of Isabella– who is often called La Rousse herself.

This novel was Chevalier’s first, and got far less attention than did her follow-up novel, The Girl With the Pearl Earring. If Pearl Earring was your favorite book of all time, you may not like this one as much, as the writing is not as refined as her later work, however if you can suspend disbelief and just enjoy the how well-crafted the supernatural and spiritual aspects of the book are, you can certainly enjoy it at least as much as the other.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Wunderkind, Fall 2009

image via

image via

I’m strangely attracted to this collection for fall from Wunderkind, from Dutch couturier Wolfgang Joop. The pieces are a magnetic mix of slightly-erotic haute-goth and whimsy, sort of like Alice in Wonderland in Hades. I know everyone’s all over McQueen this season, but this is more accessible for me. Love love love.